Galerie Hilaneh von Kories - 08-19 Review

08-19 Review

Photographs by Loïc Bréard, Inessa Dolinskaia, Bogdan Dziworski, Dana Gluckstein, Mario Marino, Wolf Suschitzky, Jacques Toffi, Stephan Vanfleteren, Sabine Weiss

08-19 Review

With the 08 – 19 Review Galerie Hilaneh von Kories presents nine photographic positions. The interaction of the group of works represents the variety and at the same time also the most important preferences and values of the gallery‘s programme, because all the currently presented artists have been appreciated in individual exhibitions in recent years. This group exhibition is an encounter of different generations of photographers, of countries and topics but by manifold cross connections the works interact in fascinating relations. The most obvious element is the passion for black-and-white photography, almost exclusively analog photography. Also the fact that the majority of the pictures presents motifs with people shows the predominant interest of the gallery in the humanistic photography in all its facets. Although the portraits were filmed in different countries and cultural regions the connecting and major elements of the photographers is their high degree of empathy for their contemporaries and their every-day life.

The selection starts chronologically with motifs by Wolf Suschitzky (1912 – 2016) taken in his adopted homeland, England. It continues with the works by Sabine Weiss (* 1924) from Paris and impressions by Bogdan Dziworski (*1941) from his Polish home country. Other European positions of a photography trained by the ideals of the „photographie humaniste“ are to be seen. The works by the Belgian photographer Stephan Vanfleteren (*1969) are characterized by an affectionate and at the same time slightly ironic look at his compatriots. The beauty of the stranger is presented in the impressive portraits by the US American Dana Gluckstein. The series by Loic Bréard (*1954) draws the beholder directly into the traditional Romeria del Rocio, one of the oldest pilgrimages for the Blessed Virgin Mary, which is celebrated in the Spanish village El Rocio, close to Sevilla, every year at Pentecost. Also Mario Marino (*1967) discovered with the Bravade du Sud, a rousing festival with a long tradition, which attracts many people to the French St. Tropez every year in May. The meditative power of landscapes can be deeply felt in the impressive picture of the Anti-Lebanon Mountains by Jacques Toffi (*1952): It is a yearning image which stands for the engagement of Hilaneh von Kories concerning the art and culture of Syria. The final position of the exhibition is taken up by the pictures of the Russian-born photographer Inessa Dolinskaia (*1980), who now lives in Berlin. Her works contrast the different artists of this group exhibition and with her poetic imagery she creates a splendid antithesis. It is the interchange of reality and staged photography, precise documentation of daily life and subjective views which creates again and again a surprising passage through the different genres and means of photographic expression. So there is much to be discovered at Galerie Hilaneh von Kories: You are guaranteed a visual experience resulting in feeling enriched, fascinated and at the same time getting a new perspective on the world.

08-19 Review

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